Road closures and delays

Road closures
Gorey Coast Road resurfacing work

Start date: Monday, 04/03/19
End date: Friday, 29/03/19
Traffic details: Road Closure     All Day
Promoter: States Road Resurfacing
Contractor: States Road Resurfacing
Description: Gorey Coast Road will be closed Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6pm and there will be lane closures every Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 6pm. Diversion routes will be posted and access to Gorey Pier will be via Mont de Gouray (Gorey Hill). Access to Gorey Village will be via La Rue a Don. All businesses open as usual.

La Collette Low Rise Development works - Green Street between Havre des Pas and La Route du Fort

Start date: Monday, 11/03/19
End date: Friday, 14/06/19
Traffic details: Road Closure     All Day
Promoter: Jersey Electricity
Contractor: Geomarine
Description: Work starting 09:00 AM on Mon 11 Mar 19 and finishing 07:00 PM on Fri 14 Jun 19 - New Substation supply for La Collette Low Rise Development

No current major delays
Starting - next 5 days
Road closures
St.Peter - La Route de Beaumont

Start date: Thursday, 28/03/19
End date: Thursday, 28/03/19
Traffic details: One Way     Between AM and PM Peaks
Promoter: States Road Markings
Contractor: States Road Markings
Description: One way closure of Beaumont Hill for center line marking. Traffic is still able to travel up Beaumont Hill. Traffic headed down the hill is diverted via Le Mont Fallu between 09:00 AM and finishing 02:00 PM

Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club Sprint - La Route de la Pulente

Start date: Saturday, 30/03/19
End date: Saturday, 30/03/19
Traffic details: Road Closure     All Day
Promoter: Jersey Motor Cycle and Light Car Club
Contractor: N/A
Description: Road closure in place between La Pulente and Le Braye between 9:30am and 6pm.

No future delays at present